“Like this” he said.
“Like this?” she said.
“Like that” he said.
“That?” she said.
“More spinach” he said.
“I do not like spinach much” she said.
“Not much?” he said.
“Not spinach much” she said.
“Avocado” he said.
“Avocado’s make me sleepy” she said.
“I remember” he said.
“Why did you call?” she said.
“Why did I call?” he said.
“Yes, why did you call? she said.
“I thought it would be nice, this place” he said.
“It is nice, this place” she said.
“A Greek family runs the place” he said.
“Calzones are Italian” she said.
“Yes, Italian, go figure “ he said.
“I went on our honeymoon to Greece with my sister” she said.
“I had to work” he said.
“You had to work, and I was pregnant and threw-up the entire cruise” she said.
“You took a lot of pictures, the pictures were good” he said.
“My sister took the pictures” she said.
“Your sister took the pictures” he said.
“I was in the room barfing and my sister took the pictures” she said.
“They were good pictures, like the one on the wall behind you” he said.
“It’s a picture of an Italian vineyard, the one behind me is” she said.
“It’s a nice place, this place, a family place” he said.
“Are those walnuts?, walnuts make my mouth break-out” she said
“Can you pick them out?, the walnuts” he said.
“I can pick the walnuts out, they make my mouth hurt” she said.
“I should have waited until you got here to order” he said.
“You could have waited, my legs are stuck to the seat, the red vinyl” she said.
“Sorry about the spinach” he said.
“Are you in trouble? she said.
“Am I in trouble? he said.
“Trouble…yes” she said.
“Trouble…no” he said.
“The baby’s hamster died” she said.
“The baby’s hamster died?” he said.
“I found it this morning dead” she said.
“Did you tell the baby? he said.
“I tossed it in the dumpster at my work” she said.
“The hamster in the dumpster” he said.
“At my work, in the alley” she said.
“Poor hamster, poor baby” he said.
“No more pets just yet” she said.
“No pets no more” he said.
“No pets, none” she said.
“Remember the dead whales?” he said.
“On the coast, in Oregon” she said.
“On the coast in Oregon Bandon, the dead whales” he said.
“Your birthday day on the coast in Oregon” she said.
“All the people waiting watching for the tide to come in” he said.
“The people waiting and the smell” she said.
“You got me balloons” he said
“Yellow and green balloons in the backseat and the smell” she said.
“Sun-roof sucked them out, whoomp-whoomp-whoomp” he said.
“Dead whales and balloons yellow green on blue sky” she said.
“Do you miss them?” he said.
“Dead whales?” she said.
“The balloons, yellow and green” he said.
“…Yes” she said.



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