At a Glance

I was watching them, and I knew there was something, something between them. Like a wall, or a chasm perhaps. You could tell by the way she futzed with the end of her straw paper. Stuffing stuff
in the end the way she did. And he admired the art on the wall. The Longhorn that bled pastoral. And Austin, there was the shot of Austin, at night, the tail-lit stream.

I don’t know. It just seemed like there should be more. In watching them. Something more revealed, of the dynamic. A public display and all, like a want-ad in the tool section.
(College couple waist deep in compromise, seek to maintain 3.5 GPA.)
But there was just silence, and them both admiring the art hung on the wall.
Maybe she had recently bailed him out of jail.
Maybe she was ‘late’…curled up in the corner booth. It could very well have been a menstrual thing.
He simply was in over his head. The understanding of this new system that he was to function within the parameters of.
They were busy establishing those. The parameters.


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