“Remember how when I used to tell you that it was something, a layer or whatever just beneath that first shiny film of your eyes.
Remember how I would tell you that?” he said.

“You said there was something, yes something you could not account for, you said that,” she said.

“Something to consider, nothing tangible, not like corrugated metal or anything like that, but with a heft to it,” he said.

“You said my eyes were like pools you were not allowed to go into the deep end of yet…you said that,” she said.

“I said that,” he said.
“You did ,” she said.

“ I have been considering this something for sometime, this non-linear co-existence, the coarse weave,” he said.

“You said my eyes were like pools, you said that much… you said a lot of things,” she said.

“One may only surmise mind you my observations, my failures, my rigorous inability to compromise. Remember my inability to compromise?” he said.

“I remember extinction bursts associated with your attempts at compromise, they were not pretty,” she said.

“Yes Kevlar is a fabric to consider, and carbon-fiber,” he said.

“How is your fish dear?” she said.
“The fish? The fish is fine,” he said.


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