Power Glide

All I know about the picture is that we took that car some places.
When we were first married. The first couple of years I suppose.
That’s what we did. We drove that car

I’d say, “Get me a beer.”
She’d say, “Get your own goddamn beer.”
I’d get my own beer and take my boots off.
She’d say “Take off your boots.”

Pedal worked at the Safeway, in produce.
She was always home around three.
She quilted. She would quilt and watch As the World Turns.

So I’d say, “Lets take a run up to the lake.”
She’d say, “The lake sounds fine.”
I’d stand in my socks on the kitchen floor and watch her
through the doorway. Sometimes her fingers bled.
She’d say, “Hon…get me a beer will ya.”

Anyway, yes, we drove the crap out of that car.
I got drunk one night and center punched a fire hydrant.
There was a lot of water.
Quite a few people milling about trying to clean up the mess.
The car did not operate properly after that.
Come to think of it, not much did.


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