“Well all I’m saying is that it was not all that bad,” he said.
“My hips hurt and there was nowhere to pee,” she said.
“We did ok, we did alright, right up to winter and some,” he said.
“The thrift store, everything was a quarter, or a dime, she said.
“We had plenty of blankets,” he said.
“And those big pillows,” she said.
“It wasn’t so bad,” he said.
“It was cold,” she said.
“Those guys spent Christmas with us, all the food from Vivian’s, he said.
“They were headed to Seattle,” she said.
“The stove worked good, we were stuffed,” he said.
“They split all that wood for us,” she said.
‘That was a good Christmas,” he said.
“The walk in along the hi-way, all the warm faces
always going by,” she said.
“All the color and the fields,” he said.
“And the rabbits, and skunks in the ditch,” she said.
“Boy you could run when you had to,” he said.
“Lugging all the groceries,” she said.
“Why did you come back?” he said
“Back?” she said
“That night at the Laundro-Mat,”
he said.
“I was cold and tired, he had a car,” she said.
“I remember looking around, putting it all together,” he said.
“Denver sounded so civilized, so pleasant,” she said.
“But why did you come back?” he said, “To a box-car then.”
“Why?” she said.
“Yes of course?” he said.
“For this stove, and this kettle,
and the macaroni and cheese,” she said.


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