Candy Wrapper

Safeway. You know the one. The random left turn that shoots you right up to the crosswalk and all the yellow stripes. Then the typical tuck and roll parking lot shopping cart antics.

Anyhow the trailer, the one we just loaded at Home Depot 2×4’s and the like is attached to the vehicle, and as I said loaded with crap with which to construct with. We are putting a shed up next to the garage. She has stuff, stuff from a previous situation. It has been tucked away pretty good so I don’t know what the big deal about access is. I mean all the shuffling point A to B, the logistics. But what the heck I told her, lumber is cheap.

I usually keep Gatorade baloney and Lay’s potato chips
on the jobsite; generally sloshing around the bottom of a cooler somewhere.

She is in the store. I am making sure like she said that no one walks off with anything. I am sitting on the trailer fender watching fall and the people meander. I can probably cram in a smoke before she gets back.

Hold on, a gal swung in a few slots down.
She is driving fast a forest green Subaru with a kayak lashed to the top. The kayak is orange. Kind of a jazzy color combo. Like a stem with a pumpkin attached to it.

Now look. She, the Subaru gal is reading the ass end of that Jetta. She is taking a picture of that brown sticker, the one in the corner of the rear window. The one with all the yellow text. Look at that stance. I wonder if she does this thing, this literary photo-op parking lot abandon thing a lot. The red haired lady is eyeing Subaru from the cart rack.

Ok watch, Subaru is back on track headed for the entrance with just an istzy more bounce in her step.
See now the red-haired lady is standing there reading Jetta’s butt. It is an age thing that she has to scrunch so much closer.

I don’t know…do I shuffle over and read it? The brown rectangle. I mean it kinda seems like that was their interaction. The two women, this crummy parking lot, finding something out of the ordinary on that beat-up old Jetta window. She struggled Subaru did. You know she did just prior to deciding that everything else will wait.


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