If P then Q

I can feel a tension in the atmosphere, in the immediate vicinity.
The Lanky fella, and the Little guy are interacting on a rather strange level. The Lanky guy is agitated, he keeps nudging the cement with the toe of his boot.

We have been hanging out under the overpass most the afternoon.
What can I say, it is incredibly hot and not one of us needs to be anywhere very soon. And well yeah the Little guy has some pretty good weed. I have to remember to hydrate.

I function quite well as a freelance spectator. I have acquired a tidy set of observational skills. The Lanky fella is seeking validation.
He knows I could give a crap so he has kinda cornered the Little guy up against this rather large slant of concrete.

The Little guy and me we talked some, I get where he is coming from, and well, the Lanky fella lets you know what your in for as soon as you run across him like I did. I mean it is some awfully harmless stuff from one side of the fence.

I tell the Lanky fella I could give a crap, but I tell him… I say I do know one thing.

I know this fella, Dr. Bertlmann.
Dr. Bertlmann on any given day never wears the same colored socks. The fact that he consistently wears different colored socks is our constant. We can rely on this data. So lets say you get a glimpse of Dr. Bertlmann rounding a corner and see just one sock, a pink sock. Your data is reliable. The observations are consistent. There you go.

Of course I tell the Lanky fella, it is about entanglement,
and our human essence, and wave function I suppose.
That’s what I know, I know the other sock is not pink.


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