Berry Pick’n 101

And but so I’m standing there
all covered in razzberry juice
with my thumb out
in the sun standing
and she pulls up
all kinda anxiety ridden
with this so do you want a ride
look screwed all over her face
her dog is in back
panting and the tops down
the suns hot I get in
she has one bare foot up on
the dash two hands gripping
the wheel and she launches the
topless Jetta back onto 101
in this jerky I could give a crap way
and she has on these goggles
and I’m thinkin she’s this alien bug
with breasts and a nice foot
and the coast is out there
to the left all blue on blue
I look and she has this mondo bud
all hairy stinky and such
she’s wavin it around all
Shaman like asking me if
I can roll and partake
I’m so but um yeah
and down between my knees
outta the turbulence I twist
up this excruciatingly huge
root and she’s all wide eyed
and oh my…
and we’re winding up the coastline
I’m watching her foot with
all kinds of skank in hand
and I catch this wicked slant like
grin eek out the side of her face
she’s all dropping gears and stuffs
the tiny V-dub off the road onto
a piece of gravel poking out
above the shoreline that seems
to go in a bunch of directions
all at once and be like blue
at the same time I’m all holy shit
and she’s um yeah so get out
bails all over the hood
of this cherry and I’m but lady
and she’s got her head cocked
spark the ganja bolt rider boy
I’m all but um sure
standing there and she’s so
this knockdown hood ornament
and I’m tugging on the grass
she’s running her hands thru
her hair I’m all over the dope
it’s skunky and my heads full
and she’s all grabby so I hand
her the fatty smooth and floaty
and she still has this nefarious
grin going on all shit-eaten like
and she’s starin at the razzberry stains
on my fingers the surf is crashing
below and were tit-for-tat
on the doob all gonzo
and she ups and slides on off
the hood and she’s standing
shaking her head all kinda I
so don’t know why I’m doing this
and but she drops all her clothes
off onto the ground right there
so I’m staring at this clump
of clothing and the surf is loud
and she’s running butt naked down
this trail to the beach the surf
waving for me to come on.


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