On the ferry against the rail
the deck as grey as the sky almost or vice versa
a kind of damp that works itself in finds the nooks hangs.
All the motion moving
or the appearance of such that the cars lined
below suggest.
We putter about with refined precision.
There are wreaths festooned with red bows
and garland strung.
A festive palor I suppose.
She is inside.
She is inside sitting at one of the booths by the window
contemplating I am pretty sure but I won’t take it much further than that.

“What do you mean by enable?” she’d said.

We had been discussing the proposed dynamic the whole drive in.
It was very early then and I guess still is now.
The shoreline and the trees marching are just visible passing.

“I don’t know,” I’d said,

“I think by showing up, by attending the
function, we are in a sense enabling the behavior,
the behavior consistent with the proposed collective merry absorption of certain substances.”

“The dysfunction,” I’d said.

So sure I suppose the use of the word dysfunction in conjunction with the discussion of her family of origin’s holiday traditional scenario is perhaps the crux of the matter.
Hence the crummy contemplative look.

I’ve witness to that look.
The lull before the storm so to speak.
The last time it was about a puppy in a box out front of Wal-Mart.


One thought on “Lopez

  1. Harvey, better late than never. We met at the How Writers Write Fiction Mooc. I’ ve been meaning to contact you earlier, but had some health issues I needed to take care of first. As always, your writing is inspiring.


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